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  •'s never one day!

    So ODE stands for One Day Event...........yet they're run over two days. And when you have to travel a distance to get there, you're generally there for at least 2.5 days. And if you don't want to drive home through the middle of the night, you're potentially looking at a 3 night stay (which happens if you need to stick around until the end of the day to collect ribbons/prizes and you have a 5 or 6 hour drive home).

    I write this as advice to any other unsuspecting parents who say "of course we can take you to that event honey, it's only one day". You may find yourself, as we have, having to take both a Friday and a Monday off work, and having to amuse your other children at a camp site for 3.5 days! The things we do for our kids eh!

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    Yes, but the kids have soooo much fun!!!