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  • Sydney Agistment - Dark Horse Productions

    In our brief time as Sydney horse owners, we have experienced a few different agistment properties.

    We started out at Dark Horse Productions. Dark Horse is owned and run by a lovely guy called Adam. Part of his business is training horses for film production and part of his business is agistment.

    When we were there it was a bit of a start up, so the facilities were not brilliant, but the people were lovely and above all, they love horses. Dark Horse was a great entry point for us.

    Adam helped us trial a horse when we were purchasing (thank goodness he did as that horse was not at all right for our daughter) and he was always happy to have a chat with me about how our daughter was progressing and what we needed to work on (both in her riding technique and her emotional disposition and attitude).

    Ultimately we moved on as another property with better facilities became available, and it was just a more comfortable experience for both rider and spectator.

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    Yes, Adam and the crew were great. What we have learned along the way in our short journey is that each has their own 'style' of caring for the horses and riders.

    This is something that was new to us, and it involved our daughter being retaught what she had learn't before. I suppose now that we know a bit more, you can pick and choose your places and also your instructors to work on what you believe is the correct approach.

    Like most things in life, there is more than one way to do something, and only with experience can you pick which way you want to go.